3 current head coaches the Chargers could hire to replace Brandon Staley

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Sean McDermott

This is a new addition to the potential candidate list for the LA Chargers. Buffalo Bills fans are getting very fed up with Sean McDermott this season and if the Bills miss the playoffs then it might force the team's hand to look for a new head coach.

Buffalo has already fired its offensive coordinator as a last-ditch effort to try and save this season and McDermott could very well be next. As crazy as that sounds, after losing in Week 12 to the Philadelphia Eagles and falling back to .500, McDermott getting let go is a real possibility depending on how the season unfolds.

From a pure resume standpoint, McDermott would be the most impressive candidate not named Belichick. He has a 68-41 record as the head coach of the Bills at the time of writing this and has made the playoffs five times. McDermott has coached in nine playoff games, which is definitely the kind of experience the Chargers might be looking for.

Plus, McDermott is a defensive-minded head coach at heart who would make the transition easier for the Bolts. This would allow Kellen Moore to stay as the offensive coordinator (assuming he doesn't get hired elsewhere) to actually give the Chargers some offensive continuity.

McDermott, meanwhile, would take over and fix the defensive holes while also establishing a winning culture that the team has not had. Buffalo over-reacting and firing McDermott after one injury-riddled season when the team had one of the toughest schedules in the sport would be silly and the Chargers would be silly not to capitalize on it.