3 current Chargers with the best Hall of Fame chances

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Joey Bosa
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3. Joey Bosa

Time is on Joey Bosa's side. Bosa has not yet done enough to say that he has a Hall of Fame resume but he is still relatively young and could have a lot of football left in front of him. Bosa has been around for quite some time so fans may forget just how young he was when he came into the league with the Chargers in 2016.

Bosa was only 21 for his rookie season in 2016 and he will be turning 27 in July prior to the 2022 season. That means that Bosa has three more seasons under the age of 30 to play at an elite level and even after the age of 30 he could still play at a high level.

Edge rusher age better than most positions in the NFL and while he will be past his prime, Bosa could still very well be a Pro Bowl-caliber edge rusher until he is 33 years old. If Bosa ends up being a Pro Bowler through his age 32 season he would finish his career with a total of 10 Pro Bowls. That is already the start of a Hall of Fame resume.

If Bosa plays at that high of a level over the next six years then we can assume that he averages around 10 sacks per season. If he does that it would bring his career total up to 118. If he plays another three years in the league he could easily get above the 130 threshold and potentially the 140 threshold.

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There have only been 24 players in NFL history to reach 130 sacks. That alone is not enough to get Bosa into the Hall of Fame but if he can turn in a Defensive Player of the Year season (possible) and win a Super Bowl (or hopefully multiple) then he very well could get into the Hall.