3 current Chargers with the best Hall of Fame chances

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The LA Chargers are a relatively young team as they head into the 2022 season, which is exactly how the front office drew it up. There is a lot of talent on this roster that is ready to make a Super Bowl run and in theory, that talent is only going to get better.

However, there still is older talent on the roster and while the Chargers do not have an Antonio Gates-like veteran, they do have players who have a good chance of following in Gates's footsteps as a Hall of Famer. Gates is not in the Hall of Fame yet because he is not yet eligible but he should undoubtedly be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

That raises the question, which current LA Chargers have the best chance of making the Hall of Fame in the future?

There are 4 Chargers who have a pretty good chance of making the Hall of Fame as it stands today:

1. Keenan Allen

Keenan Allen has the best Hall of Fame odds of anyone on this list as he has been around for long enough and has put up the numbers to back it up. While Allen has never been the best receiver in the league, he has constantly put up big numbers for the Chargers and still has more to accomplish.

We might see Allen start to regress some but he still should have another two years, at the very least, of 1,000-yard football in him. By the time his current contract with the Chargers is up he is going to be the team's all-time leader in receiving yards, which is going to make it very hard to not induct him in the Hall of Fame.

Allen's game should translate well and I would not be surprised if he plays into his late 30s. Let's say over the next three years he finishes with 3,200 receiving yards. Then he plays another three years through his age 35 season and picks up another 2,100 receiving yards.

That would add 5,300 yards to his career total, which would put him at 14,000 career receiving yards. Only 12 players in NFL history have crossed the 14,000-yard mark. Eight of those 12 are Hall of Famers and the four who haven't made it recently retired and could be on their way.