3 Cowboys free agents that could follow Kellen Moore to Chargers

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3. Dante Fowler Jr.

This inclusion is obviously different as Dante Fowler Jr. is not an offensive player. Fowler would not be directly following Moore to Los Angeles on the offensive side of the ball but there are connections (including with Moore) that could make Fowler a cheap veteran signing for the Bolts.

The Chargers are not going to be able to make as many of these cheap veteran signings but there still should be room for a couple. Last year, Kyle Van Noy came over and ended up being a fantastic veteran presence in this locker room.

It is still more likely than not that Van Noy will return to the Chargers on a cheap deal simply because he is familiar with this team and has already made his impact felt on the locker room. However, if things do not work out with Van Noy then someone like Fowler could be a quality veteran to bring in for depth at edge rusher.

Fowler never quite lived up to the hype of being a top draft pick but he has still put together some quality snaps in his different stops throughout the league. While his path never directly crossed with Brandon Staley's, he does have the LA Rams connection with Staley that could get him in the building for a workout.

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You can never have too much depth at edge rusher and Staley knows this. Fowler is still only 28 years old and while he has not been overly impactful in recent years, the Chargers could unlock something special in a smaller snap count if they were to bring him in.