3 Cowboys free agents that could follow Kellen Moore to Chargers

Denver Broncos v Dallas Cowboys
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2. Jason Peters

Jason Peters is still somehow playing snaps at the NFL level despite being 41 years old. Peters is someone who Chargers fans have asked for in the past and while he is not the same player he was even three years ago, the Chargers bringing him in for cheap could be valuable.

Peters signed on the Cowboys practice squad in September and ended up having to play legitimate snaps for the team. Peters held his own in the chances he did get for the Cowboys. He was by no means great but he was certainly better as a depth option than the options the Chargers had to deploy at right tackle in 2022.

This would be a depth signing for the Bolts as it is key the team brings in a legitimate, quality backup tackle. Injuries are unavoidable in the NFL and there are going to be offensive line hurdles to overcome. The Chargers can't just cross their fingers that they stay healthy and roll Storm Norton and Foster Sarell back out there.

For the same price, they could get a veteran in Peters who will not only play better in short spurts than those players but could also be an important veteran presence in the offensive line room. Peters has carved out a long career in the NFL and has been named an All-Pro twice. That is exactly the kind of vet that Rashawn Slater should be learning from early in his career.