Chris Broussard insults Chargers fans over Justin Herbert starting in the Pro Bowl

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The Chargers Pro Bowlers were announced on Wednesday and the most notable piece of news (aside from Austin Ekeler not making the team) was the fact that Justin Herbert was named the starting quarterback of the AFC. It is well deserved, as Herbert has been the best quarterback in the AFC this season and would be the MVP favorite if it was not for a simple coin flip.

Chargers fans showed out by getting six players on the AFC Pro Bowl team, which is tied for the second-most in the NFL. For those that are not familiar with how Pro Bowl voting works, the fan vote accounts for one-third of the vote, player vote accounts for one-third and coach vote accounts for the final third.

There is a pretty good chance that Justin Herbert and Patrick Mahomes were close to even when it came to the player and coach vote because of Mahomes' status in the league. It very well could have been the devoted Chargers fans who pushed Herbert over the edge, and we certainly believe it, as we have seen all of you active on Twitter.

However, some sports personalities don't believe it. Some in the NFL media are still clinging onto the narrative that the LA Chargers have no fans and use that "fact" as a blanket statement to "win" any argument about the Chargers. Chris Broussard of FOX Sports is the latest to insult Charger fans as he simply cannot fathom the fact that Justin Herbert potentially won the fan vote.

Chris Broussard couldn't be more wrong about Justin Herbert and Chargers fans.

Oh Chris, you are so funny. You really burned the Chargers. All you had to do is check the numbers and realize that what you are saying is completely off-base and quite frankly, just a lazy take. Not only did Justin Herbert lead all AFC quarterbacks in the fan vote, but he was also among the top 10 in votes, period.

Oh, and just for good measure, Rashawn Slater also led all AFC left tackles in fan votes as well. But the LA Chargers have no fanbase, right? Man, it is crazy how fans of other teams are voting so much for the Chargers. Because that HAS to be what is happening, because the Chargers have no fanbase, right?

Oh, and it must just be a coincidence that Justin Herbert is dominating the FedEX Air Player of the Week award, right? Herbert has won the award six times in the 14 games that he has played, which is more than any other player in the league. That award is also a fan vote. Hmm. Strange. Weird how he can win it so much even though there are no Chargers fans to vote for him.

At the end of the day, it is just a trivial argument that takes zero research and is easy to say on live TV because that has been the narrative the last few years. It is just a shame because it is downright disrespectful to the loyal Chargers fans who have been supporting their team far more that a lot of other fanbases this season.

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The NFL media can keep disrespecting Chargers fans all it wants. We will keep the receipts.