Chiefs' offensive setback gives Chargers new head coach candidate

Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs
Los Angeles Chargers v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs have the best record in the AFC and are once again on the way toward earning a bye in the NFL Playoffs and having home-field advantage. However, this season, the Chiefs are much different than the previous teams who terrorized the LA Chargers and the rest of the conference alike.

This year it is the defensive side of the ball that has stepped up. Kansas City allowed the second-fewest points heading into Week 9, which has made up for some of the offensive setbacks. Heading into Week 9, the Chiefs ranked 12th in the league in points per game. Certainly not bad, but worse than fans would have expected with Patrick Mahomes under center.

Those offensive setbacks were on full display against the Miami Dolphins in Week 9's Germany game. While the Chiefs won the game, the offense was held to 21 points (seven of which were scored on defense). Kansas City is still winning games, so Chiefs fans cannot complain, but it is odd to see this version of the Chiefs.

Kansas City didn't lose any significant offensive players from last season as there was only one real offensive departure worth noting: offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. After years of getting buried by Andy Reid and Mahomes, Bieniemy took an opportunity elsewhere and is now the Washington Commanders' offensive coordinator. Seeing the Chiefs take a step back without Bieniemy may give the Chargers' brass some ideas.

Chiefs' offensive setback could make Eric Bieniemy a Chargers head coach candidate

Of course, this is assuming that Brandon Staley loses his job either during the season or after the season. That is not a big stretch, as Staley and GM Tom Telesco will likely both be canned if the Chargers do not make the playoffs.

As of right now, the Chargers have less than a 40% chance of making the playoffs.

Bieniemy is not someone who has been mentioned as a prime candidate for a potential Chargers head coach vacancy. But that might change if this trend continues both in Kansas City and in Washington.

The Chiefs taking a step back prove that Bieniemy probably deserved more credit for the Chiefs' offense than fans (and other teams) were seemingly giving him. Not only that, but Washington taking a step forward offensively also helps that case.

Washington is not an offensive powerhouse but the team has been good enough with Sam Howell under center. The Commanders have gone from the 24th-highest-scoring offense to the 17th-highest-scoring offense under Bieniemy. That is with a fifth-round pick with no other NFL experience under center.

The Chargers did interview Bieniemy prior to hiring Brandon Staley and he has ties to the franchise as he was a second-round pick by the team back in 1991. If Chargers ownership is trying to emulate the Chiefs to beat them then Bieniemy might get more consideration than fans currently realize.

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