Chargers' worst-case scenario 2024 NFL mock draft

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Chargers drat Sedrick Van Pran in fourth round of worst-case scenario mock draft

There is nothing inherently wrong with the Chargers taking a center in the fourth round of the 2024 NFL Draft. Even though the team signed Bradley Bozeman, the Chargers need someone who can carry the load in the future after Bozeman's one-year deal is up.

And on paper, Van Pran is one of the better center prospects that the Chargers could land in this range of the draft. The only problem is that the Bolts did not address significant areas of need before this selection, which makes it a hard sell to draft a backup center with more needs remaining.

This has nothing to do with Van Pran as a process, more so the process of how this draft is pieced together. Hunter Nourzad would be a better option for the Bolts later in the draft.

Chargers wait to long to draft a cornerback in fourth round of worst-case scenario mock draft

There is not a specific player with the 110th pick that would be a bad selection for the Bolts. Instead, the worst-case scenario would be if this selection is the first time that the Chargers take a cornerback at all in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Cornerback is one of the biggest needs on the roster and probably should be the selection in the second round. If we were to fix this draft, the Chargers would just take a receiver with the fifth pick, take a corner with the 37th pick, and address other needs in the third and fourth.