Chargers' worst-case scenario 2024 NFL mock draft

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Chargers draft Blake Corum in third round of worst-case scenario mock draft

Another Michigan player. As great as the Wolverines were last season, the Chargers shouldn't be over-drafting Harbaugh's former players.

The Chargers need to add a running back in the 2024 NFL Draft, that goes without saying. While Gus Edwards was a good addition to the roster, he alone is not going to carry the running back room as the team needs to add some fresh legs.

Unless the Chargers execute some kind of trade down where the team picks up more top 100 picks, it does not make a ton of sense to spend a third-round pick on a running back. And if the team does, someone like Jaylen Wright makes a lot more sense to play alongside Edwards.

Corum would clash a bit with what Edwards already provides the Chargers and taking him in the third round would be a bit high. If Corum is there on day three of the draft and Harbaugh wants to reunite with him that is one thing. But to take him with the third pick? That would be a mistake.

To this point in the draft, the Chargers would have taken a tackle that they could have lived without, a receiver who is not guaranteed to be an impact guy and a running back who might be worse than some of the options that were available in the fourth round.