Chargers' worst-case scenario 2024 NFL mock draft

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Chargers draft Roman Wilson in second round of worst-case scenario mock draft

Roman Wilson was projected to be a third-round pick at highest early on in the draft process but his stock has risen immensely during the process. Wilson's athleticism and intermediate route running has been a big selling point for him as a player and it is not hard to see why teams may like him.

Wilson absolutely has the skill set and athleticism to be a successful NFL wide receiver. And in a vacuum, he would probably produce well in a Chargers offense with Justin Herbert under center.

All that being said, the Chargers have the worst receiving room in the entire sport and Wilson would not give the team the WR1 it so desperately needs. Wilson is going to be pigeon-holed into the slot early on in his career, limiting what the Chargers can do with him as a weapon.

Wilson might be more of a surefire producer than other receivers in this range but he does not have the same WR1 ceiling. With Herbert being the most important member of the team, you can make the case that this is the biggest need on the roster, and Wilson simply does not fill it.

If the Chargers had a better receiving corps and had the luxury of taking a different position in the first round then Wilson could be a good second-round pick for the Bolts. But in reality, the Chargers sacrificing a franchise receiver at five to take one of Harbaugh's players at 37 would be a bad move.