Chargers' worst-case scenario 2024 NFL mock draft

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There are many different directions the LA Chargers can take in the 2024 NFL Draft. It is imperative that the Bolts make the most of this draft class, as it will truly decide whether or not the team can contend for a Super Bowl under Jim Harbaugh.

While there is an abundance of faith in Harbaugh and new GM Joe Hortiz, it is not a guarantee that they will hit a home run in this draft. There is no such thing as a 100% success rate in the NFL Draft and the Chargers need to just maximize as many picks as possible.

But what if everything goes haywire? There definitely are some worst-case scenarios in each round, and this is what that would look like if they were all strung together (using Pro Football Focus' mock draft simulator).

Chargers draft Joe Alt in first round of worst-case scenario mock draft

It would be one thing if the Chargers traded back, accumulated extra draft capital, and then took an offensive tackle. While it still is not as good as just drafting a franchise wide receiver with the fifth pick, at least there would be an added benefit.

Outright drafting Joe Alt with the fifth pick would be a mistake. As talented as Alt is, the Chargers simply are not in a position to be spending the fifth pick on a tackle who would have to switch sides and play right tackle.

Not to mention that the Chargers would be paying Trey Pipkins $9 million to be a swing tackle. While the team can improve from Pipkins, that is bad asset management and would not put Justin Herbert in a position to succeed.

Instead, the Chargers just have to trust in the new coaching staff to get the best out of Pipkins (who has proven he can be serviceable in the past) and address the position in the future if need be.