3 things the Chargers learned for the playoffs in Week 17 win over Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Los Angeles Chargers
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3. The solution to the Chargers' red-zone passing might be more simpler than we think

Despite having a humanoid at quarterback and plenty of talent around him, the LA Chargers have not been able to throw the ball inside the 20 this season. The team struggled overall in the red zone until they shifted to the mindset of running the ball inside the 20, which has been effective over the last few weeks.

If the Bolts are going to make any kind of playoff run they are going to have to key better in the key area of the field and they know that. Fans have been racking their heads trying to find a solution for a red-zone offense that looks broken.

The best solution might be to move on at offensive coordinator and bring in a new offense, but we know that is not happening yet. Joe Lombardi is going to continue to call games the same way, as much as it pains Chargers fans.

For now, the solution might be a simple one: throw to your tall pass-catchers. Justin Herbert threw two passing touchdowns on Sunday going to two different tie ends in Gerald Everett and Donald Parham.

The throw to Everett was an absolute laser in which Everett sat down between the zones in the middle of the end zone. The throw to Parham was a perfectly-placed pass to take advantage of his height advantage on the matchup.

If we are not going to see the offensive philosophy change then the solution for the passing game in the red zone is going to be throwing to these big-bodied options; this includes the best contested-catch specialist in the league, Mike Williams.

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No more throws behind the LOS from the five-yard line or pass attempts to DeAndre Carter in the back of the endzone. Joe Lombardi needs to utilize the athleticism he has on the field and any particular matchup advantage.