3 winners (and 1 loser) from Chargers' nail-biting win over Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders v Los Angeles Chargers
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Chargers Week 4 loser: Quentin Johnston

One of the reasons why Justin Herbert struggled in this game as that he did not have a reliable second option behind Keenan Allen. The Raiders committed a lot on defense to slowing Allen down and without Williams (or Austin Ekeler), the Chargers struggled.

The team needed players like Palmer and rookie Quentin Johnston to step up. Palmer didn't have a great game but stepped up when the team needed him to. Johnston, on the other hand, did not have the kind of game that fans were hoping for.

Johnston has not gotten many snaps thus far in his rookie season as he entered as the WR4 on the depth chart. Williams' injury opened the door for Johnston to become a more involved member of the offense but that did not happen in Week 4 against the Raiders.

The rookie receiver finished with just one catch for 18 yards. Some Chargers fans pointed to a 50-50 ball in the third quarter that Johnston did not catch but that really wasn't his fault. An elite receiver would have caught that but Johnston is not elite.

Johnston was the biggest boom-or-bust first-round receiver in the draft and it was clear that the Chargers were going to take their time with him. Now that he has been thrust into a bigger role the team has to start seeing some results out of him. If that doesn't happen, the fanbase is going to get more and more impatient.