3 wide receivers the Chargers may sign to replace Mike Williams

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Noah Brown

Noah Brown is another deep-threat receiver that the Chargers can look to bring in if the price is right. There might me more of a market for Brown than the other two players on this list but the Chargers can still look to sign him at a reasonable price.

OTC has his value at under $4 million and the Chargers could definitely make a two-year, $7-7.5 million contract work. That would be a pay bump from what he made last season, so it is not unheard of if Brown ends up signing at that price.

Houston might look to one-up the Chargers offer or another team needing a deep threat could offer as much as $5 or $6 million. But at the end of the day, the opportunity to play under Jim Harbaugh and with Justin Herbert might be too good for Brown to pass up.

Brown has been very consistent the last two years so the Chargers would know what they are getting out of him. In 2022 with the Cowboys, Brown finished with 43 catches for 555 yards and three touchdowns. In 2023 with the Texans, Brown finished with 33 catches for 567 yards and two touchdowns.

Brown is not going to be someone who leads the way in receptions but the big-play potential is there between he and Herbert. The 28-year-old receiver ranked fourth in the league in yards per reception last season with 17.2, which is higher than any mark Williams has had since 2018.

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