Chargers make another questionable wide receiver signing

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The LA Chargers have been banged-up at wide receiver and it has been one of the weakest positions on the team as a result. Keenan Allen has not played since the first half of Week 1 and his absence has been felt. Recent injury updates have not been promising, so it might be some time until we see Allen.

Jalen Guyton also suffered an injury, albeit a much more serious one. Guyton tore his ACL in Week 3 against the Jacksonville Jaguars and will be out for the year as a result. With Josh Palmer not having the breakout season that Chargers fans campaigned for, the receiving corps has been a tad disappointing.

The Bolts have brought in help by signing John Hightower to the practice squad and signing Jason Moore to the active roster. With some big-name options on the market, though, that was a bit disappointing.

Any fans that were disappointed by these moves are going to be equally disappointed by the latest addition the team has made. The Bolts signed former UC Davis and Las Vegas Raiders receiver Keelan Doss to the practice squad. Unfortunately, Doss fits into the trend of receivers that the Chargers have painfully been adding.

The LA Chargers continue to ignore speed and separation with Keelan Doss signing.

Granted, Keelan Doss is just being signed to the practice squad so it is not like he is going to play a massive role on this team. That being said, it is another option to call up and potentially elevate to be part of the offensive game plan in certain weeks.

Since it is such a small role with the potential for upside the Chargers should be targeting the one thing they do not have on this roster with Guyton being out for the year: speed. It seems like the Chargers are allergic to speed at receiver, which is interesting considering Justin Herbert's ability to throw the football to the moon.

It has been well-documented that the Chargers lack receivers that can gain separation with Keenan Allen out of commission. To be fair, nobody the team signs right now outside of Will Fuller or Odell Beckham Jr. would be an upgrade in this regard.

But if the team brings in someone with speed, they at least can scheme towards that attribute, making defenses respect the over-the-top go route. This can open up things in the short and intermediate areas, giving the likes of Mike Williams, Josh Palmer and DeAndre Carter to gain more separation.

But no. The team is continuing its trend of valuing things over speed, which is very interesting considering Brandon Staley's entire point of attack in the 2022 NFL Draft was to draft players based on traits. Most of said players have had little to no impact on this year's team.