Chargers: What is Drue Tranquill wearing on his neck?

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Drue Tranquill has had a huge start to the 2022 season. After having one of the most impressive interceptions you will ever see from a linebacker, the fourth-year Chargers pro has made his mark early in the first half against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Tranquill had a massive third-down run stuff in the second quarter that led to the Chiefs punting the ball back to the Chargers before the half. Prior to that, Tranquill came up with a big half-sack alongside Khalil Mack, setting up a third-and-long and eventual punt for the Chiefs.

Those tuning into the Chargers game have seen Tranquill sporting a new accessory around his neck. It is not the traditional 90s-style neck brace that linebackers wear, leading many to ask the same question.

What is Drue Tranquill wearing on his neck during the Chargers game?

While it is not a traditional neck brace, Tranquill is wearing the sleek accessory around his neck for the same reason. Tranquill is wearing Q30's Q-Collar. The collar is designed to help soften the blow of trauma, reducing the risk of concussions and other injuries on big hits at the linebacker position.

This is what Q-30's website says about the Q Collar:

"Wearing the Q-Collar may reduce the risk and severity of traumatic brain injury (including reduced risk of hearing loss*) from blast waves*, in addition to collisions."

Player safety is obviously a very important deal in the NFL and it will be interesting to see if Tranquill becomes a pioneer for this new method of protection. It certainly seems far more comfortable than a traditional neck brace, and let's be honest, it looks pretty great, too.

Tranquill has certainly been dishing out some big hits in this Chiefs game and perhaps the secret is the Q-30 collar. The former Notre Dame linebacker is off to the best start of his career wearing the Q-30 collar, so we could see more linebackers sporting the collar not only for safety, but for the peace of mind to fly around the field and play their best football.

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Heck, no Chargers fans are going to be upset if Tranquill convinces Kenneth Murray to wear the collar, especially if it means Murray will play better as a result. Doesn't hurt to try!