Chargers waiving Tre' McKitty means 2 great things will happen in Week 9 vs Jets

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Tight end Tre' McKitty did not last three full seasons with the team that drafted him. The LA Chargers selected McKitty in the third round of the 2021 NFL Draft and the top-100 pick was waived on Tuesday after the 2023 trade deadline passed.

This was both a surprising move and an unsurprising move for the Chargers to make. On one hand, a team outright waiving someone who they spent a premium draft pick on less than three seasons into their career does not happen often. On the other hand, McKitty was probably the worst player on the team's 53-man roster, so it makes sense to trim the fat with other roster moves potentially coming.

This has created a bittersweet reaction from Chargers fans who are glad to see accountability on the team but have to remember that this is someone whom the team spent legitimate draft capital on. All that being said, there are two important silver linings to this McKitty decision that can have a big impact on Week 8.

The Chargers waiving Tre' McKitty is good news for Gerald Everett and Jalen Guyton

First, we will start with the latter. The Chargers did not make a corresponding roster move on the same day that the team waived McKitty, which seems to indicate that the team is creating a new roster spot to add someone to the roster.

With both Jalen Guyton and Otito Ogbonnia activating their return windows, it seems abundantly clear that the duo will be back with the team. Guyton's return will prove to be more impactful than Ogbonnia's as he will give Justin Herbert a familiar target to throw the ball to in Week 8 and beyond.

But this also means something as it pertains to one of Herbert's other favorite targets, Gerald Everett. Everett did not play in Week 8 as he was dealing with a hip injury. Any concern of this injury being serious can be thrown out the window after this McKitty move.

It seems unlikely that the Chargers would waive McKitty, regardless of how poorly he has played, if the team thought Everett was going to miss more time. That would put a thin tight end room in an even worse position and would not make sense ahead of a very important game against the New York Jets.

Instead, McKitty getting the boot seemingly confirms that the team expects Everett to be back in the fold. That is huge considering Joshua Palmer is dealing with a knee injury and the Chargers need all the weapons they can get against a great Jets defense.

There are certainly some long-term holes and question marks around the Chargers' tight end room after waiving McKitty. But for now, this roster move will open the door for positive developments for the Bolts.