3 backup QBs the Chargers could claim after waiving Max Duggan

Max Duggan didn't last very long on the Chargers.

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1. Will Grier

The stars seem to be aligning for Will Grier to join the LA Chargers quarterback room ahead of the 2023 season. Grier was one of the best quarterbacks of the entire preseason as he put together some very impressive games for the Dallas Cowboys.

However, because the Cowboys already have Cooper Rush and also just traded for Trey Lance, there is no room for Grier. The team has not made it official that he has been waived but Grier himself made it pretty obvious that his time in Dallas was up.

Not only did Grier play really well in the preseason for the Cowboys but he has legitimate ties to the Chargers. Not only did he play for Kellen Moore in Dallas but he was also scouted by the Chargers in the 2019 NFL Draft. Familiarity can take you a long way in the NFL and that could be the driving force for getting Grier.

He may not have any starts under his belt but it does not take a rocket scientist to watch his play compared to Stick's play in the preseason and see that he would be a better backup option. Grier is someone who could actually win games for the Chargers if they needed him to.

If the Chargers want to carry two quarterbacks to make room for other positions on the roster then that is fine, it is probably the better roster-building move to make. But the team better hope nothing happens to Justin Herbert because Easton Stick is not a suitable backup QB.

Heck, in a perfect world, the Chargers would bring in someone like Grier and also waive Stick, but that is never going to happen.