3 backup QBs the Chargers could claim after waiving Max Duggan

Max Duggan didn't last very long on the Chargers.

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2. Colt McCoy

The Arizona Cardinals made the shocking decision to waive Colt McCoy right before the start of the 2023 season. McCoy was penciled in by many to be the team's starting quarterback while Kyler Murray recovered from his injury but that is not what the team is going to do after all.

The Cardinals are turning to inexperienced options to play quarterback with many saying that the team is already trying to get a leg up in tanking for USC's Caleb Williams. Regardless of the intent, it was a shock to see McCoy waived in the first place.

While he would have been one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the league, he is exactly what an NFL team should be looking for in a backup quarterback. He is someone with a lot of NFL experience and can have a similar role in the quarterback room as Chase Daniel had the last two years.

McCoy still has more to offer at this point in his career than Daniel had when he was with the Chargers. And as fans say firsthand, Daniel was the preferred backup over Stick when Herbert did have to sit out a few snaps last season.

Would McCoy be able to lead this team to the playoffs is something happened to Herbert? Probably not. Would he be able to steal a game or two in the case where the Chargers needed him to? Absolutely.