Chargers vs Steelers prediction: 3 Bolts who will have a massive game on primetime

Minnesota Vikings v LA Chargers
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Asante Samuel Jr.
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3. Asante Samuel Jr.

Asante Samuel Jr. started the season as the favorite for the Defensive Rookie of the Year as he intercepted two passes in his first three games. Samuel has since cooled down, even missing time because of a concussion he suffered against the New England Patriots.

This is a great matchup for Samuel to have a big game and not only shut the Steelers down in coverage but force a takeaway. I can already hear Cris Collinsworth now... "Well, you know Al, the Chargers knew they got a steal in Asante Samuel Jr. in the second round and man, does he look like his dad out there."

Samuel is getting some help as Michael Davis is returning in this game so he will not be forced to be on the Steelers' top receiver, not that it is much of a daunting task, anyway. Chase Claypool is returning but he and Diontae Johnson are not the scariest top two to come up against.

Samuel will also be coming up against a bad quarterback either way. Ben Roethlisberger has been one of the worst starting quarterbacks in the league this season and the Steelers are preparing to play without him.

Mason Rudolph will be tasked with the start if so and the Chargers' secondary should be salivating. Rudolph is one of the worse backups in the league and played terribly last week against Detroit.

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This is the perfect opportunity for Samuel to get takeaway number three on primetime and announce his arrival in the NFL to any fans who have not heard much about him yet.