Chargers vs Steelers prediction: 3 Bolts who will have a massive game on primetime

Minnesota Vikings v LA Chargers
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The LA Chargers host the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 11 in a game that the Bolts have to win if they want to make a playoff run. While the AFC is wide open and the Chargers can afford to lose, they have to start heating up now if they are going to make a playoff run.

If the Chargers are going to win this game against the Steelers then they are going to have to get big performances from some of their best players. While the Steelers are a less talented team on paper, they are still very well-coached and anything can happen in primetime.

The stars are supposed to shine the brightest under the lights and the Chargers need those kinds of performances to get out of the rut they are in.

Chargers vs Steelers prediction: 3 Bolts who will have a big game:

1. Justin Herbert

What happened last time Justin Herbert had a bad game (against the New England Patriots)? He went out and had arguably his best game of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles on the road.

When healthy, the Steelers have a better defensive than the Eagles but the Chargers are not taking on a fully healthy Steelers team. In fact, Pittsburgh will be without its two best players on the defensive side of the football, T.J. Watt and Minkah Fitzpatrick.

While the defensive schemes should still be respected the Chargers have the talent on offense to have their way, attacking all three levels of the field and thriving in both the run and the pass. And as we know, this is a team that is striving to be the best passing offense in the NFL.

With all of the chatter about Joe Lombardi and not throwing the deep ball, the Chargers will come out and deliver a showcase on primetime, which leads into the next inclusion...