5 Chargers-Vikings matchup that will determine the Week 3 outcome

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Chargers
Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Chargers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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(5) Chargers D-Line vs. Vikings O-Line

Finally, I think this is actually the matchup that could ultimately swing this game in the Chargers' favor.

The two offenses should be scoring points.

What this game is going to come down to, at least in my opinion, is which D-Line can get to the quarterback more to halt the offense in key moments.

The Vikings have the league leader in sacks, but the Chargers have the overall better pass-rushing group and they're facing a pretty ripe Vikings O-line. As opposed to Minnesota's pass rush that has to face what's been a pretty solid Charger O-line thus far outside of a few hiccups.

Brian O'Neill has been very good thus far for the Vikings at right tackle but Christian Darrisaw at left tackle is banged up and the rest of this group has been shaky at best for the past two seasons.

This is pretty much the same group the Vikings had last year and they let up 47 sacks in 2022, which was bottom ten in football.

We just saw Joey Bosa break out against Tennessee and make amends for that clunker he had against Miami. We just saw Tuli Tuipulotu jump off the screen and record his first career sack. And we continue to see Khalil Mack be a disrupter to open up the rest of the pass rush even though the sack numbers might not wind up being there.

This is a Vikings O-line begging to be taken advantage of and I think the Chargers now have the momentum in the pass rush to get it done. Let's see it, boys!