3 Chargers veterans who could lose their jobs to rookies

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Jalen Guyton - Chargers' WR5/main deep threat WR to Derius Davis

The Chargers' wide receiver room was looking pretty bleak just a few weeks before the draft. The only NFL-caliber receivers on the roster were Keenan Allen, Mike Williams and Joshua Palmer. Not only is that incredibly thin, but each of those three players has questions around them heading into 2023.

The wide receiver room looks significantly better following the 2023 NFL Draft. Los Angeles added Quentin Johnston in the first round and Derius Davis in the fourth. Before the draft, the team also brought back Jalen Guyton on a one-year deal for depth.

Guyton will undoubtedly make the roster as the Chargers should have learned from last year and will carry six receivers, but he may end up having a much smaller role than in years past. That could be because of Davis.

Johnston has obviously already usurped Guyton in the depth chart but despite his speed, he hasn't really been a great deep-ball threat in his playing career. Granted, that can change in the right system in LA, but he alone is not going to take away the deep shots to Guyton.

Instead, it might be Davis, who is naturally going to have a big impact on the team in his rookie year as the returner. If he proves to be more explosive and dynamic then the Chargers would be foolish to keep him off the field in favor of the veteran Guyton.

Plus, Guyton is coming off of a torn ACL. Modern science makes it where these athletes can overcome these injuries without skipping a beat, but there still is a slight cause for concern. It is never great when a receiver whose main weapon is speed suffers an injury that could hamper his speed.