3 most underappreciated players in Chargers history

These Chargers players definitely should have gotten more love while they were with the team.
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Most underappreciated Chargers: Eric Weddle

Eric Weddle's Chargers career is one of the most interesting in franchise history and is definitely polarizing among the fanbase. Some fans denounced Weddle after his ugly exit from the Chargers with other fans taking Weddle's side against their favorite team.

Weddle's relationship with the Chargers soured to an unfixable level by the time he eventually left the team. Weddle has been very public about his issues with the Chargers organization, which has led many fans to forget just how elite he was during his time in San Diego.

Weddle was a second-round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft and became a full-time starter for the Bolts on defense in 2008. In his nine seasons with the team, Weddle made three Pro Bowls, made the All-Pro first team twice and the All-Pro second team three times. From 2010 to 2014 he was arguably the best safety in the sport.

His issues with the team pushed him away to the Baltimore Ravens and such an ugly breakup has clouded his legacy with the team. There is no denying that the Chargers underappreciated (and arguably mistreated) Weddle and that has bled into the fanbase underappreciating him as well.

Just think about how great and impactful Derwin James is. While he is a completely different player, nobody is arguing how elite he is. He still has not come close to accomplishing what Weddle accomplished on the Chargers.