5 Chargers UDFAs with the best chance of making the 53-man roster

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Most likely UDFAs to make Chargers roster: CB Tiawan Mullen

There are four defensive backs to watch during training camp as they will be competing for a potential open roster spot. It is not even guaranteed that there will be one, but if there is, it will be a battle between Tiawan Mullen, Cam Brown, AJ Uzodinma and AJ Finley.

Each of the four players has something that you can convince yourself of about their game but of the quartet, Indiana's Mullen seems to have the best chance of making the active roster and there is a very specific reason why.

Mullen's game seems to translate the best to special teams. He is the best tackler in the group and plays the most physical, making him a better fit on special teams. Heck, Mullen showcased great football IQ and play recognition at the college level and if he was four inches taller and a bit faster he would have been drafted fairly early.

Mullen's size (five-foot-eight) is ultimately what holds him back as he is pigeonholed into only being a slot cornerback. But that is fine for the Chargers. All the team really needs is a tenacious player that can play special teams and play in the slot in case of emergency. Mullen is your guy.

Chargers fans are still waiting to see how much bigger of a role the likes of Ja'Sir Taylor and Deane Leonard will have in 2023. If either of them has a bigger role on defense then Mullen could take their place on special teams.