5 Chargers UDFAs with the best chance of making the 53-man roster

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Most likely UDFAs to make Chargers roster: DL Jerrod Clark

The Chargers seemed to have hit a home run with several blue-chip UDFAs after the draft. This by no means guarantees they are going to succeed (they went undrafted, after all) but there is still a chance to hit a home run on any of these players.

One of the home-run candidates for the Bolts is defensive lineman Jerrod Clark, who Chad Reuter ranks as the best interior defensive lineman that was a UDFA this year. Any time you can snag the best player among the group (and he is not the only one) it is going to be a good time.

The Chargers needed to add depth on the defensive line and they did that in the draft, selecting both Tuli Tuipulotu and Scott Matlock. Tuipulotu was selected in the second round and will mostly provide depth on the edge (although he can kick inside) while Matlock is someone who can play nose tackle and the occasional defensive end on running downs.

Clark might be pigeonholed into just being a nose tackle and he is a bit on the smaller end for a traditional nose tackle, hence why he fell. However, he showcased the ability in college to both get to the passer and play well against the run, making him a potential three-down option as he develops in the league.

Clark is not going to be a Pro Bowler but he can be a consistent, legitimate weapon for the Chargers to deploy on the defensive line. The Bolts added a lot more depth in the trenches this year but Clark still has a good chance of making the roster because of how talented he is.