Chargers training camp: 2 winners and 1 loser from day 2 of practice vs. 49ers

LA Chargers Training Camp
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Loser from the final day of LA Chargers training camp: Trey Pipkins

This might be more indicative of LA Chargers training camp as a whole but Trey Pipkins certainly did not benefit from the final day of camp. Pipkins was inactive for the final day, which could be a nail in his coffin on the Chargers.

Pipkins had an uphill battle entering camp. The Chargers reached for him back in the 2019 NFL Draft and selected him in the third round with the promise of him being a developmental tackle.

The development has not come and Pipkins has been a consistently bad option both in games and in practice. He really needed to step it up in camp this year, especially with a new coaching staff that might not give him the same benefit of the doubt. He did not do that.

The big reason why he is a loser for sitting out the final day of camp is the versatility that the offensive line showed without him, proving that they might not even need him for tackle depth.

Matt Feiler moved over to right tackle with Brenden Jaimes playing left guard. I much prefer Feiler at left guard but Jaimes being as good as he has been early on makes it easier to make that move if needed.

With Storm Norton being fine, not great but not terrible, the Chargers have the depth options at the tackle position. Of course, they are going to want to keep someone around on the practice squad just in case (probably Pipkins) but they do not need him on the active roster as it stands.