The 2 UDFAs with a great chance of making the Chargers roster in 2022

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The Chargers most in danger of being cut for Raheem Layne or Ty Shelby:

There are multiple candidates in the secondary to potentially be cut if the Chargers do end up keeping Layne on the roster. And at this point, it would be more shocking if Layne ended up getting cut with the camp he is having thus far.

Alohi Gilman

Alohi Gilman really has not done much during camp thus far and just from a stylistic perspective, it makes sense for the Chargers to move on from him. Gilman does not really fit the mold of what Brandon Staley looks for in the secondary and he was drafted by the previous head coach before Staley got here.

If Gilman is not proving that he deserves a roster spot and he is not much of a fit anyway, it makes sense for him to be a late cut in favor of someone younger that has more value on special teams as well.

Tevaughn Campbell

Since some of these defensive backs are interchangeable in the nickel and dime packages that the Chargers will run, the Bolts could end up cutting a cornerback instead. The first cornerback that jumps to mind is Tevaughn Campbell, who played a lot last season but played really poorly.

With other young corners like Deane Leonard standing out, Campbell might be on the outside looking in when it comes to making the roster.

Emeke Egbule

In terms of Shelby making the roster, it would not be surprising if the team simply switches Egbule out for Shelby. Egbule is older and has not really proven anything to keep his roster spot. If there is a younger player with more potential in the wings, it obviously makes sense to go in that direction.

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The Chargers could also get creative and cut a linebacker or interior defensive lineman to make room for Shelby but at the end of the day, Egbule makes the most sense to cut and try to retain on the practice squad.