The 2 UDFAs with a great chance of making the Chargers roster in 2022

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Ty Shelby

The LA Chargers signed Ty Shelby out of Louisiana-Monroe and right away it seemed like he would have a decent chance of making the roster. The Chargers were pretty thin at edge rusher behind Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack and after not drafting one, Shelby could have been the rookie infusion the Chargers were looking for.

Then Shelby's chances of making the roster went down when the team signed Kyle Van Noy. It appeared that Van Noy was going to slot in as a rotational pass rusher on the edge for the Chargers, deepening that position group.

However, Van Noy has played more linebacker than expected in Chargers training camp thus far and Shelby has really made the most of his opportunities. Shelby looked really polished during the team's scrimmage on Sunday, even registering a would-have-been sack.

Shelby could end up being a diamond-in-the-rough find for the Chargers. While he won't play much in his rookie season if Bosa and Mack stay healthy, there is obviously a foundation there that the Chargers can build on in the NFL.

Heck, Shelby put together good numbers in college, he simply played for a small school and did not get as much recognition as a result. Shelby had 7.5 tackles for loss in 12 games last season. That is not a number to scoff at.

This raises the question, though. If Layne and Shelby do end up making the roster, which Chargers will likely get the boot as a result? Let's break it down.