The 2 UDFAs with a great chance of making the Chargers roster in 2022

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LA Chargers training camp has been extremely exciting thus far with all of the talent on the field. This is the most talented roster the Chargers have had in quite some time and it looks even better than anticipated with several players turning heads.

Heading into camp, it did not seem like any undrafted free agents would make the team with all of the talent on the roster. However, before even playing a preseason game, there are two UDFAs who have made big impressions and are going to make it really hard for the Chargers to give a roster spot to someone else.

The Bolts have had some truly great UDFAs that made the team in the past and who knows, one of these two standouts could end up joining that list.

The two UDFAs that have a great chance of making the Chargers roster in 2022:

1. Raheem Layne

The former cornerback who converted to a safety came into camp with an inherent advantage as an UDFA. Raheem Layne showcased an advanced skillset on the special teams side of the ball and that is likely what got him in the door in the first place.

Having that value on special teams instantly gave him a chance to make the roster as the Bolts continue to rebuild what was once the worst special teams unit in the league. Add in the fact that he has played really well on defense and his spot on the roster might be a lock.

Brandon Staley is all about having a deep secondary that is also versatile and Layne would fit that billing perfectly. There is so much talent in the secondary that he might not get that much playing time as a rookie but when the Chargers do call on him they can be comfortable that he can hold his own.

Meanwhile, Layne can instantly become a positive presence on Ryan Ficken's side of the ball and take some of that responsibility away from those in the secondary that are going to play more defensive snaps.