3 Chargers position battles that have already been decided at training camp

We already know who won these battles.
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2. Chargers starting linebacker: Kenneth Murray

This position battle was a bit different than others as it was not a case where two players were battling for a job and were elevating each other. If anything, this job was always Murray's to lose and if he continued to struggle in camp then he would have lost it.

The Chargers selected Daiyan Henley in the third round of the 2023 NFL Draft as a long-term linebacker option as well as Murray insurance. While there are always bumps for a rookie on defense, it was smart for the team to draft a linebacker that could potentially start in place of a struggling Murray.

Chargers training camp has not been a struggle for Murray thus far. If anything, it appears that the former first-round pick has turned some kind of corner as a professional. Murray is getting immense praise from his teammates and has really stood out during 11-on-11s thus far.

Does this mean Murray is going to come out and be an above-average linebacker in 2023? Not at all. Fans should be cautious in expecting Murray to be great this season based on how he has played over the last three seasons.

But at the very least, Murray playing so well in training camp has guaranteed his spot in the starting defense alongside Eric Kendricks at linebacker. If he starts struggling during the year then the team will revisit potentially making a change.