4 Chargers falling out of favor heading into training camp

These Chargers need to increase their stock during training camp

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3. Kenneth Murray

Kenneth Murray is essentially this season's Jerry Tillery as the parallels are very similar. Both players were taken in the last first round by the Chargers in consecutive years. Both players didn't get the fifth-year option on their deals picked up, making their fourth season a contract year.

In Tillery's case, all the same issues that plagued him in the past continued to plague him during the 2022 season. This resulted in the Chargers cutting ties with him altogether, allowing him to sign with the Las Vegas Raiders after the Chargers' bye week.

Murray's tenure has not been as bad as Tillery's was but it still has not been remotely good for the former Oklahoma Sooner. His mistakes have really hurt the team at times as Brandon Staley has even struggled to figure out what to do with him.

There is a young linebacker who is hungry for playing time breathing down Murray's neck as well. Third-round pick Daiyan Henley is talented and is more than capable of taking a starting spot with a strong showing during training camp. Murray has to be privy to that.

Of course, Chargers fans are still rooting for Murray to succeed as it would be silly to not root for that to happen. But as history indicates, there is a decent chance that this is his last year in LA and he may not even finish the entire year.