Chargers training camp: Star player fulfills birthday wish

Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp
Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp / Michael Owens/Getty Images

Keenan Allen is one of the most popular players on the LA Chargers. Fans have flocked to Allen not only because he is a great receiver but because there is a bit of a chip on his shoulder (and the fans') as he has never been given his due credit.

Fans have also flocked to Allen as a fan-favorite because of his personality. Any time that Allen is mic'd up in a game or a practice it is great content for Charger fans.

He also is just an all-around great guy. Allen has connected with the fans for a reason and it is because he does gestures to make sure the fans feel appreciated. He did that on Wednesday, helping a dad fulfill a birthday wish for his daughter.

This fan didn't come to LA Chargers training camp to see Keenan Allen from down the street, either.

This is not the normal fan asking for receiving gloves for a birthday. This fan, James Morante, went exceptionally out of his way to get this birthday gift for his daughter.

Morante drove nine hours to Chargers training camp with this sign to make the request. I thought that my 90-minute drive to the Chargers' complex was rough, I can only image driving nine hours to see them practice.

It is moments like this that create a connection with these star athletes and Charger fans and is also a reason why it is such a great thing to have fans back in attenadance to support their favorite players.

The Chargers, although Twitter memes might say otherwise, have a growing fanbase in LA. There was a big turnout for Chargers Fan Fest on Sunday that was far bigger than what the Las Vegas Raiders had on the same day.

The reason for this growing fanbase is players like Keenan Allen, Justin Herbert, Derwin James, Joey Bosa, Austin Ekeler, the list goes on and on. The Chargers not only have stars that are fun to watch, but they have stars that show humility in moments like this.

Good on you, Keenan Allen. You did not have to take the time out of your practice to go over and give James your receiving gloves but you did anyway. I am sure that you just gave him one of the best birthday presents that he will ever give his daughter.

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And just so everyone knows, my birthday is coming up soon on September 20..