Chargers training camp: Day 1 takeaways that will make fans extremely hyped

The LA Chargers officially began training camp on Wednesday and there was a lot to get excited about.
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Chargers training camp takeaway No. 3: This isn't Joe Lombardi's offense

The No. 1 thing that the Chargers fanbase wanted after losing in the AFC Wild Card Game to the Jacksonville Jaguars was some kind of change in the coaching staff. A lot of fans wanted to see Brandon Staley get the boot but were still pleased when the team decided to part ways with Joe Lombardi.

The Bolts were then patient in the hiring process and did not jump at the first promising name that was attached to the team. Finally, a dream scenario became available as Mike McCarthy wanted more control of the Dallas Cowboys offense and parted ways with Kellen Moore.

Moore had piloted one of the best offenses in recent years in Dallas and was the most experienced candidate the Chargers could have possibly hired. Not only were fans excited about Moore's track record of success, but they were also excited by the fact that the offense would be different.

And the word from the first day of training camp is that this offense is much different. Every Chargers fan's least favorite word in 2022 became stick — and this does not appear to be a stick offense.

As mentioned, an NFL team is almost always going to look good in practice and if we go back into the archives we will see that last year's offense was also getting hyped up during camp. It shouldn't be the hype surrounding big plays that is exciting for fans.

Instead, the fact that the offense is simply different should be the exciting aspect of this takeaway. Practice success aside, fans wanted to see a change in the offensive philosophy and it appears that they have gotten their wish.