3 problems the Chargers are already dealing with in training camp

There are always going to be bumps in the NFL season from training camp all the way to the Super Bowl.
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3. Too many cooks in the cornerback kitchen

Some problems are good to have and this is a very good problem that Brandon Staley has on his hands during training camp. One of the hardest decisions (yet most rewarding) is deciding who should get more snaps when there are so many players who have earned reps.

That is what Staley is going to have to do with the cornerback position. Granted, when there naturally are injuries throughout the year it will iron itself out but when fully healthy, Staley has some really tough decisions to make at the cornerback position.

The quartet of Michael Davis, J.C. Jackson, Asante Samuel Jr. and Ja'Sir Taylor are all really promising and all have strong cases to make to be in the starting defense. The biggest perceived battle right now is between Samuel and Taylor, with one of the two naturally having to sit more than the other.

It does not stop there, though, as Deane Leonard has been balling out in camp thus far and he checks in as the CB5 on the roster. He is going to be pounding the table for playing time during the season and there are only so many snaps to give.

Again, this is a great problem for the Chargers to have with the only potential downside being if certain players get their egos hurt by having a smaller role in the defense. That probably won't happen, though, and the Bolts should be in for a strong defensive season.