3 problems the Chargers are already dealing with in training camp

There are always going to be bumps in the NFL season from training camp all the way to the Super Bowl.
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2. Several young Chargers not stepping up to the plate

Every team in the league can look good during practice in training camp. It is really easy for any fanbase to sell itself on any team based on how they look during camp. That is not the important part of camp from a fan perspective; instead, the individual performances and battles are far more important.

And as there is every year, there have been several Chargers who have stepped up and have made the most of camp thus far. However, for every player that steps up and turns heads there is usually someone who does the opposite and does not turn in the showing that fans were hoping for.

The Chargers have several of these players with the concerning part being the fact that there are several young players who have not taken this opportunity to shine. Granted, there is still over a month until the 2023 season with several preseason games but fans were hoping for better starts.

Guys like Tre' McKitty, Chris Rumph, JT Woods, Brenden Jaimes, and several others needed strong showings in training camp to cement their place on the roster and so far that has not been what they have given the team.

This is a young Chargers team and one of the biggest issues in recent years has been the depth on the roster. Thus far in camp, the young depth on the roster has left fans a bit uneasy about what they can contribute if called upon.