3 problems the Chargers are already dealing with in training camp

There are always going to be bumps in the NFL season from training camp all the way to the Super Bowl.
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More so than any other sport, being successful in the NFL is about weathering storms and outlasting all 31 other teams in the league. Just a week into Chargers training camp, the team is already dealing with issues that must be overcome.

This is to be expected. There is nothing as a perfect training camp as every team in the league looks to find its identity and establish the winning tendencies now that will pay off in January. This is all part of the job.

It could be much worse for the Chargers as there have been plenty of positives during camp, whether it be Justin Herbert's contract extension or J.C. Jackson's recovery from injury. The problems the team is dealing with feel minor compared to these big wins.

3 problems the Chargers are already facing in training camp:

1. Trey Pipkins' health (and the backup tackles)

Trey Pipkins is the first Chargers starter to suffer an injury that appears to be more than just getting banged up. Pipkins has missed four practices in a row at the time of writing this and fans better hope that Brandon Staley is right in saying that the injury is not serious in nature.

Staley and the Chargers have not been the most reliable with injury information in the past and if this is anything serious that trickles into the 2023 season then it is going to be a problem. Foster Sarell is the team's main backup tackle option and he was woeful last season.

Sarell has seemed to improve some in his reps in camp but it is still a huge step down from what Pipkins would offer the team. Injuries, particularly on the starting offense line, are going to happen. Hopefully, it is nothing serious.