The biggest winners of the first week of LA Chargers training camp

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4. Tom Telesco

Tom Telesco did not put the pads on or lace up any cleats over this last week but he has to be watching what Brandon Staley and the coaching staff are doing on the field and be happy. Telesco is coming off of a statement offseason that was perhaps the busiest in Chargers history and thus far, everything looks great.

It is really easy for a team to try and make a bold statement like the Chargers did this offseason and for it to fall flat. We see it all the times. The big additions like Khalil Mack and J.C. Jackson do not live up to the money and the smaller, additional signings do not have the impact that was hoped for.

While we still have a long way to go, this first week was great as all of the moves that the Chargers made (and in some cases didn't make) seemed to pan out.

Mack looks fantastic and like a new version of himself. Jackson is that true CB1 that the team was lacking and he is showing it in practice. Sebastian Joseph-Day and the new-look defensive line looks great and is getting praised by Corey Linsley and Austin Ekeler alike. Rookie Isaiah Spiller looks really good and versatile, Gerald Everett has made an impression in pads, and as already mentioned, Zion Johnson is a stud.

Heck, even the right tackle position looks better with Trey Pipkins and Storm Norton holding their own in camp with both men getting immense praise from teammates and coaches alike.

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On paper, this was a home run offseason for the Chargers and in the first week of training camp that paper has turned into reality. Now we just need to hope that the Bolts continue that momentum and it carries into regular-season results.