The biggest winners of the first week of LA Chargers training camp

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2. Deane Leonard

The LA Chargers had a really thin secondary last season that did not allow Brandon Staley to do the kind of things with the defense that he wanted to do. It did not help that Michael Davis took a step backward and Asante Samuel Jr. suffered two concussions that resulted in a lot of missed time.

Chris Harris continued to regress and the team had to turn to the likes of Tevaughn Campbell to play big snaps throughout the season. We all know how that went, as Campbell was one of the worst corners in the league last season.

Thus, the Chargers have rebuilt the cornerback room in a myriad of ways this offseason. First, it was the big signing of J.C. Jackson to give the Chargers something they lacked before: a true no. 1 corner. Then it was drafting two young corners in the late rounds of the 2022 NFL Draft, before adding more depth in veteran Bryce Callahan.

The young cornerback who has stood out the most thus far was the last one taken in Deane Leonard. The former Ole Miss corner hauled in an interception in the first week of practice and has all-around made an impression on fans and the coaching staff alike.

Leonard went from a fringe roster player to someone who seems like a shoo-in to get a roster spot and even get a fair number of snaps in the defense with how often Brandon Staley likes to run nickel and dime looks. All in one week.