4 Chargers to pay close attention to during training camp

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JT Woods
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3. JT Woods

JT Woods is the other Chargers rookie from the 2022 draft class that fans should be paying close attention to during training camp. Woods and Spiller have the most to lose or gain from camp, while the other players do not have the same variability. We know Zion Johnson is going to be good and is going to start and the later-round picks are mere depth picks for the time being.

One of those rookies could stand out and earn a bigger role in the defense but it is hard to pinpoint one of the several late-round picks that could stand out. If just one can blossom that would be great for the Chargers.

Woods' play during training camp and the preseason is far more important, though, as it directly impacts how the team handles the safety position in 2022. In theory, Woods should be able fit nicely in the two-high safety defense and be a ballhawk on the back line to pick off passes.

This would allow Derwin James to move around the defense more and showcase his versatility. James would still be the starting safety on paper but Woods could rack up ample playing time by offering this lane for the Chargers to take.

There is also the possibility of Woods playing some cornerback as some teams did view him as a cover corner option before the draft. Woods very well could play some slot with Derwin playing deep. Brandon Staley is all about versatility and that is why Woods was picked in the third round.

Again, this is all in theory, though. The third-round pick needs to come into camp and not only prove his abilities on the football field but prove that he can quickly learn and pick up this defensive scheme as well.