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4 notable Chargers who are fighting for their roster lives during training camp

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Gabe Nabers
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Gabe Nabers

Gabe Nabers won the fullback roster battle over Bobby Holly back in 2020 after former Chargers fullback Derek Watt signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The fullback position is not nearly as important in today's game as it was 20 years ago and Nabers' impact in year one was forgettable.

That being said, this new Chargers offense with Joe Lombardi does utilize blocking backs in the backfield more often than Anthony Lynn's offense and last season we saw Stephen Anderson mostly fill into that role.

Nabers was hurt and Anderson essentially became the de-facto fullback and he did a really great job at it. Anderson is now with the Arizona Cardinals and Nabers seems to have his job locked down, right? Well, not necessarily.

The Chargers drafted Zander Horvath with the team's last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft and there is a lot to get excited about with Horvath. The selection was very obviously inspired by his athleticism as Horvath is a specimen in the backfield.

Not only can he add value as a blocker but he could also add legitimate special teams value with his athleticism as well as being someone who could carry the ball occasionally in an effective manner. The upside of Horvath is just so much higher than that of Nabers.

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That is what Nabers is going to have to prove incorrect during training camp because if not, the Chargers are going to bet on the potential of Horvath over Nabers every single time.