4 Chargers trade suitors for running back Austin Ekeler

Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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4. Tennessee Titans

This is where we get fun and creative. This would be a monumental trade as it would not only include one star running back but it would include two. If the Chargers and Titans were to work out a trade we could see a running back swap.

The Titans are reportedly listening to offers for Derrick Henry and there is some potential there for the two sides to get creative. The main reason for the Titans to move on from Henry is to get off of his $16.3 million cap hit for the 2023 season.

Henry also has two void years at the tail end of his contract that the Titans could get rid of so they don't have to pay that cap hit. The cap hit is not extreme so it wouldn't hamper the Chargers in the future if they want to get aggressive in 2023.

Normally I would never expect the Chargers to make this kind of bold trade because Telesco has never operated like that in the past. However, Telesco has proven this offseason that he is operating like his job is on the line in 2023. With that in mind, we could see the team take a more bold approach with this kind of trade.

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It definitely is the least likely of the bunch but the Chargers have surprised us thus far this offseason so it cannot be ruled out.