4 Chargers trade suitors for running back Austin Ekeler

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3. Arizona Cardinals

With all due respect to the Arizona Cardinals, they are a team that has proven in recent years that they are willing to make trades happen for big-name players even if they don't make the most sense. This is the team that traded a first-round pick for Hollywood Brown so they could pay him big money to be the team's WR2.

It looks like the Cardinals may actually be losing star power this offseason as a DeAndre Hopkins trade seems imminent. So what does a team that loves stars do if they are going to lose one of their stars? Trade for another!

The Cardinals definitely have the means to bring in Austin Ekeler and they have the need as well. Right now, the only viable running back in Arizona is James Conner. Conner was fine for them last season but the Cardinals' offense could be much more dynamic if they paired him with a pass-catcher like Ekeler.

This would be a great backfield weapon to give Kyler Murray and would not take the long-term commitment of signing one of the free-agent running backs. It is not hard to talk yourself into Ekeler if you are the Cardinals.

Ekeler's market value is probably a fourth or fifth-round pick but who knows, Arizona loves to overspend and could be the team willing to trade one of its two third-round picks for Ekeler.