Fact or fiction on potential Chargers WR trade targets

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D.J. Moore: Fiction

This is perhaps the most ridiculous receiver of them all. It is very clear that the Carolina Panthers are entering a new era as they fired Matt Rhule and traded Christian McCaffrey for a haul to the San Francisco 49ers. That has since caused Chargers fans to demand for the team to trade for D.J. Moore, which makes absolutely no sense.

First of all, just because the Panthers traded McCaffrey does not guarantee they will trade Moore. Maybe in the offseason, but it makes more sense to keep Moore as a young, great receiver that they can build around in the coming years.

If he was in the last year of his contract it would be one thing. But he isn't and he is still only 25 years old. Trading McCaffrey made a lot more sense as he was overpaid and running backs never age well. Moore likely isn't going to be traded quite yet.

More importantly, even if he was traded, the Chargers simply cannot acquire him. I know that there are ways to maneuver the salary cap but there is a zero percent chance that they trade for Moore's contract.

His cap hit is low this season at just over $6 million, but it balloons to $25 million next year and over $20 million the two years after that. The Chargers are already the first team in league history to have two receivers making over $20 million per year. They are not going to make it three.

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The Bolts are already somewhat restricted financially in the coming years with the contracts they have given out and Justin Herbert's extension around the corner. I can promise you the last thing they are going to do is make that contract situation worse, and trade a first-round pick in the process.