Fact or fiction on potential Chargers WR trade targets

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Marquez Callaway: Fact

Marquez Callaway is not someone who has been talked about as much within the Chargers fanbase as there have not yet been reports about him demanding any kind of trade. That being said, the New Orleans Saints would be foolish to not trade Callaway this season, especially the way the season is going.

The Saints are now 2-5 on the year and it might be time to start compiling assets. The team still wants to remain competitive and it won't trade its best players, but it certainly makes sense to trim the fat of the roster where they can.

Callaway falls into that as he has become a forgotten part of the offense with the additions the Saints have made to the receiving corps. He is receiving more targets when the team is banged up but when it is healthy, Callaway falls down the depth chart.

If the Chargers were looking for a cheap trade replacement for Jalen Guyton then Callaway would be a solid option. Again, he does not have the game-breaking speed that Guyton has with a 4.55 40-yard dash, but he is a valuable deep-ball threat that can help take the top off the defense. Callaway averaged 15.2 yards per reception last season.

There is also familiarity there as well, which is something that Brandon Staley has shown he favors. Coming from the Saints, Callaway has a connection with Joe Lombardi and would be familiar with the style of offense that the Chargers are playing.

Callaway is a restricted free agent after the season, so the cost of trading for him really would not be that high. One late-round pick should do it.