Fact or fiction on potential Chargers WR trade targets

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Elijah Moore: Fiction

I hate to say it, but there is a very slim chance that the LA Chargers would be able to trade for Elijah Moore this season. Moore wants out of the New York Jets as he has not been a big part of the offense and Chargers fans are already licking their chops thinking about what he could be in LA.

While Moore would undoubtedly be fun to watch on the Chargers and is on a cheap contract, it is hard to see both the Chargers and Jets making this deal. As cheap as Moore is salary-wise, he would demand a pretty decent return for his services, even with his lack of usage in New York. LA would likely have to trade a third-round pick to get Moore.

Telesco is not someone who has traded for players who have had locker-room issues and I find it hard-pressed that they would trade for a guy who is openly upset about his role in New York to be the third option in LA.

As far as the Jets are concerned, unless Moore goes full torched earth in the locker room, they have no reason to trade him at this point in time. His trade value is at his absolute lowest right now and it makes much more sense for them to hold onto him and re-evaluate in the offseason when teams might be a bit more splashy with their draft picks.

It would take a pretty penny, and with how the Bolts operate, I doubt they would be willing to spend that pretty penny for Moore. Don't get me wrong, it would be incredible to see.