Fact or fiction on potential Chargers WR trade targets

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The LA Chargers are in a nice spot with a 4-2 record after all of the adversity that the team has had to overcome this season. That being said, the front office cannot be complacent and should be looking to improve the team in any way it can during the season itself.

One of the biggest areas of need for the Bolts is the wide receiver position. The lack of depth in the receiver room has been showcased while Keenan Allen has been injured and is going to really be on display in Week 7 if Allen and Joshua Palmer (concussion) don't play.

Even once Allen and Palmer return, the Chargers should be adding help to the room, especially with Jalen Guyton being hurt and Palmer being underwhelming. If the Chargers want to be a true contender, they cannot be in a place where one injury in the receiver room can derail the team's offense.

There are several possible trade candidates for the Chargers at wide receiver.

With players requesting trades and some teams already blowing it up, there are several names that Chargers fans have been yearning for before the deadline. Some make sense, while others definitely won't happen. Let's dive into these names, declaring whether or not they could be a factual trade candidate, or are simply fictitious.

Kendrick Bourne: Fact

The New England Patriots have received multiple inquiries about Kendrick Bourne and it would be promising if the Chargers are one of those teams gauging the market. Bourne may not be a big-name receiver, but as a third option in this offense, Bourne would fit in nicely and add a new dynamic in LA.

Bourne is not particularly fast but that might make it more likely for Tom Telesco and Brandon Staley to be interested in him. Despite his lack of game-breaking speed, Bourne is still YAC artist. In his 800-yard season in 2021, he averaged 14.5 yards per reception with 7.0 YAC yards per reception. That ranked fifth in the NFL last season.

Bourne has not been used by the Patriots much this season with the team adding more depth at receiver and Bill Belichick definitely would trade an asset he is not using for draft capital. The cost shouldn't really be that high, either, with the absolute highest price being a sixth-round pick to make it happen.

If LA is not bidding against any other teams, it would not be surprising if they get a deal done for a seventh-round pick.