3 receivers the Chargers could trade for to replace Mike Williams

Los Angeles Chargers v Minnesota Vikings
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3. Kendrick Bourne

Some viewed the New England Patriots as a potential playoff team this season and if the first four weeks are any indication, the Patriots will not be making the playoffs. New England is 1-3 on the season and it is an ugly 1-3 as Mac Jones has played so badly that Bailey Zappe has now replaced him.

It is going the wrong direction for the Patriots and if they lose in Week 5 against the New Orleans Saints then it is going to be time to think about selling. A 1-4 start might be too hard to overcome, especially when New England plays Buffalo and Miami in two of the next three weeks.

If the Patriots were going to make any trades then Kendrick Bourne would be someone who the team would float out. Bourne, like Chark, is on an expiring contract that only pays him $5 million this season so the Chargers would have no problem absorbing him.

Unlike Claypool and Chark, Bourne is not as big at six-foot-one. Bourne does have value in that he can play both out wide and in the slot. So far this season, Bourne has played 139 snaps out wide and 39 snaps in the slot.

Bourne had an 800-yard season not that long ago in 2021 so the potential is obviously there. As a second or third option in LA, he would do more than enough to help the Bolts overcome the loss of Williams. He is not as good as Williams, but adding him to Palmer and Johnston would be a good start.