Grade the trade: Chargers flip fifth pick for odd WR in mind-numbing proposal

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There has been a lot of debate about what the LA Chargers should do with the fifth overall pick. While GM Joe Hortiz essentially told fans that the team is staying put with the fifth pick, there is a large contingent of the fanbase that wants to see the Chargers trade back to pick up extra draft capital.

The risk in making a move like that is the Chargers could be passing up on one (or potentially three) franchise-altering wide receivers. Marvin Harrison Jr, Malik Nabers and Rome Odunze make up the best top three at receiver in a draft in quite some time. If the Chargers traded back with a team like the Minnesota Vikings then it would remove the opportunity to take one of these top-tier wideouts.

But what if the Chargers traded out of the fifth pick and still landed an established receiver? That is what ESPN's Bill Barnwell proposed in his latest mock draft that explores a trade for every pick in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. In the trade, Barnell has the Chargers sending the fifth pick to the San Francisco 49ers in a package that involves Brandon Aiyuk.


In this deal, the Chargers would receive a prominent wide receiver on the trade block, a first-round pick and a third-round pick. While that might seem like a lot to some, is it really a good trade package for the Bolts? Let's break it down.

Chargers grade for proposed Brandon Aiyuk trade: F

On paper, it may seem like the Chargers are getting a haul for the fifth pick but this would defeat the purpose of everything the Chargers have done this offseason. If the Chargers were to make a trade like this then the fanbase would have the right to be outraged with this regime.

The Chargers would essentially be passing on the chance to draft a franchise-altering wide receiver with the fifth pick so they could trade for an established wideout who is good, but probably isn't even in the top 10 in the league.

Even the highest believers in Aiyuk would admit that Harrison and Nabers have much higher ceilings and in the case of Harrison, he might be outright better than Aiyuk in year one. The Chargers would get the worse, older option that costs more money and is due for a big payday after this season. Why not just keep Mike Williams or Keenan Allen?

Adding the 31st and 94th pick does not suddenly make this deal a great one. The 31st pick may be a first-round pick but picks that late in the first are a crapshoot. The 94th pick is even more of a crapshoot.

The Chargers can get similar value by just taking a wide receiver at five, and trading back from the 37th pick to pick up an extra pick or two. And if the team really wanted to trade back and land an established player, the would have more success trading back and adding Patrick Surtain.

49ers grade for proposed Brandon Aiyuk trade: A+

On the flip side, the 49ers would hit the biggest home run imaginable if they were able to pull off a trade like this. Sure, they would be including both the team's first-round pick and third-round pick along with Aiyuk to get the fifth pick. That is a tall order without a doubt.

That being said, as mentioned already, the 49ers would likely be getting the better receiver in this trade if they were able to draft Harrison. Even if the pick is Nabers, they are still getting a wideout who can be just as good who comes at a fraction of the price.

This would be a genius trade for the 49ers and is one that the Chargers should try to avoid at all costs.