Predicting what the Chargers do with the 4 players on the trade block

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Chargers keep (and potentially restructure) Joey Bosa

Most Chargers fans want to see the team part ways with Joey Bosa versus Khalil Mack. While it is not hard to see why (last year's performance) there are several reasons why Bosa will ultimately be the one that the Chargers keep in town.

First off is the fact that the same reason why fans want Bosa gone is the same thing that hampers his trade market. Bosa's injuries in the last two seasons are going to be a red flag for other teams. Odds are that Mack, even for one season, can warrant a much better trade return than Bosa can.

Additionally, the Chargers save much less salary-cap space by getting rid of Bosa. Los Angeles would free up $23.25 million by cutting or trading Mack while the team would only free up $14.3 million by doing the same with Bosa.

The last two seasons might have been disappointing, but it still makes more sense to bet on the 29-year-old edge rusher who has played at an elite level before than it is to bet on the 33-year-old edge rusher. History says the 29-year-old will be better most times, even if the last two years haven't played out that way.

If the Chargers really want to create more cap space, they could restructure Bosa's deal to save over $10 million on the cap. This would make it harder to cut Bosa in 2025, but it is possible.